Sunday, August 15, 2010

Random notes about my bike

  • I took my bike out for a ride today. It's a glorious day, and while I would rather have stayed in and nursed this shitty little cold I have, I decided that days like this will be all too rare from here on out, so I better take advantage of it.
  • I believe I have mentioned in the past the fall comes on August 24th in Norway? Yeah, so an 80 degree day on August 15th is not to be ignored.
  • Anyhow, bike, ride, outside.
  • I went over to Bygdøy for an hour's ride today, and it wasn't all that fun, because there were too many people. There were too many little kids on little bikes who can't go in straight lines. Too many cars. Too many slow bike riders and fast bike riders and there was no where for me to go with my still wobbly bike riding lack of confidence. I need to go somewhere where there is no one and practice curbs and stopping and so on.
  • I'm kind of a wimp on my bike. The whole time I'm riding, I'm a bit afraid.
  • Like, here's my thoughts while riding:
  • "CURB! There's a CURB! Do I go over it?..oh shit, KID! Little kid! Stay there kid, don't let me hit you...MOVE it! BUS...BUS...BUS!!...Oh crap, fucking pedestrian, move the fuck OVER! Crosswalk! Ride it or walk it? Ride? Walk...shit, walk."
  • See? Wimp. I almost spend more time walking the bike than riding. Just not sure of the routines yet.
  • But, that being said, I AM getting better.
  • Like, going uphill?
  • KILLED me the first few times.
  • But now, I can feel it getting a little easier. Not easy, mind, but easier. My breathing is levelling out better. (Though my lungs hurt today from this cold. I mean, they HURT. Like, burned. Ow.)
  • My legs don't hurt anymore and my butt bone must have hardened up a bit, because I don't have saddle ass anymore either.
  • So, there's that. Some small successes, at least.
  • On Thursday I got to ride home from work with my basket filled with roses I bought. I felt so European and a little glamorous.
  • Today, I rode home with toilet paper and onions in the basket. (we were out).
  • You can imagine how glamorous THAT felt......
  • BTW, my new nerd glasses are AWESOME as sunglasses! LOVE them!

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