Sunday, August 22, 2010

Meeting People

Well, as I've mentioned, there was a blogger gather in Oslo this week that I was not really able to attend due to me being so damned busy I didn't even have time to eat most of the time. Couple that with having been sick, it was a fairly insane week. (Oh and I got another year older on Wednesday. Blah.)

However, I did manage to join the 'closing night' of the blogfest at the Dubliner and got to meet some of the people from the blog gather. And, might I say, they were awfully nice.

It seems to me that the ranks of bloggers are thinning. When I started blogging in 2004 (was it really 6 years ago?) blogging was building up rapidly. Within a couple years most of my friends had blogs too. I loved that, because I could keep up with them and read their blogs with their voices (oh so missed) in my mind. But then Facebook rose in ascendancy and now it seems most of my friends have abandoned their blogs, which has actually been a little hole in my life. I miss their stories. Facebook is just soundbites.

So, last night, it was SO GREAT to meet people who still keep up their blogs, many of which I have read (though another sad fact is that I don't have time to read blogs much anymore, much less post to my own). I always find it interesting to meet a person who I 'know' via their written word. Does the person match the literary voice? Or is the blog more of a persona? (Apparently, and perhaps not surprisingly, people who meet me after they've read this blog tell me that I am pretty much what they expected me to be. I guess, with me, what you read is what you get. (This probably explains why I'm a crap actress. I'm just me. Not so good at being anyone else.))

Anyhow, I met Michele, and Mr BB and Caroline and I re-met Corinne and then, of course, is the man who planned it all, Renny BA.
  • Michele and her husband moved to Norway without jobs or knowing anyone here, just for a new life, which I find incredibly brave.
  • Mr BB is incredibly erudite, and has a way of drawing people into a conversation with his gesticulations and his infectious enthusiasm for a multitude of topics.
  • Caroline is a gorgeous mom of three from South Africa with a very calming way about her.
  • Corinne, who I met before at the Obama inauguration party at the Hard Rock, is now my little sister. She adopted me. (Hey, Sis, I didn't say bye to you last night!).
  • And Renny BA is one of those people who knows everyone and is a fulcrum for networking and gathering people from all over the world.
I also got to spend more time with Karen, a hilarious Scot I've met before at my other favorite bar, F&B.And a whole bunch of other people were there, some people came from Spain and France, as well! It was a great time.

I ended up having yet another 2am night out at the Dub, I finally walked home, as the trams weren't running anymore. I always enjoy Oslo late at night (early in the morning?) as it's like a huge street party, people everywhere, dancing, singing, vomiting, walking. I felt a bit unique in my long flowing peasant dress (with cleavage, natch) and cowboy boots when every other woman out was wearing either a mini skirt or short shorts with incredibly high heels. It was like 'dress like a stylish hooker' night. (My dress was probably more 19th century hooker, I guess. hehe.) Many of the poor girls were walking very gingerly and painfully in their absurdly high heels. Don't know about you, but if you are walking like an 80 year old, all bent over and stiff legged, that defeats the purpose of the sexy outfit, no?

Me? I'll stick with my boots and long skirts. I walked comfortably home, long, tall and sure of my footing. In confidence and self assurance, there is sexiness.

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