Monday, June 21, 2010

life with the family

My brother just pointed his ass at me and aimed a fart in my face. I punched him in the vicinity of his arsehole. He gets away before I can punch him in other vulnerable spots. 

My Mom has been trying a selection of odd wide brimmed hats on me, giggling when my brother then takes them and tries them on. They look better on him. Mom's back in the kitchen, now,  cleaning something and singing along to the Beatles. Mom always has a radio or tv going at all times, from the moment she wakes up until she goes to bed. Ever since I was a kid, Mom has had her noise. Every so often, if she leaves, Dad and I would commit the ultimate rebellion and turn off the radio for a bit of silence. Silence is rare in our family.  My husband also has this penchant for noise, he always has radio or tv going as well. (I still rebel with silence when I can.) I know a girl is supposed to marry someone like her dad, but I am pretty sure I married my mom. 

Dad breaks into the hat modeling every so often with a random comment about a car or something he's thinking about. Dad always speaks whatever is on his mind, sometimes it takes me a minute to catch up. 

My sister in Law, Kathy, watches us and wonders what the hell she has married in to. (I really thought I should warn her ahead of time, before she married my brother, but I never got the chance.)

My brother just farted again. Lucky for him, he's on the sofa out of my reach, so I just glare at him and wave a pillow at him to send the smell of his effluence back at him. 

I love my family. 

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