Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Addendum to previous post

Wow, getting that truckload of sawdust unloaded was harder work than I thought. But it was also strangely fun. I enjoyed feeling strong and using my muscles in a new way. Shoveling all that heavy soil/sawdust was a good workout. My arms, shoulders and stomach muscles will hurt tomorrow!

However, when I sweat? I don't sweat 'like a girl'. Oh no. No nono. I sweat fierce. I sweat unpretty. I sweat sweaty, and in not pretty places. Like, under my boobs (what is up with that??) and the back of my knees. Oh, and I also sweat into my eyes, which hurts. Apparently, I get this from my mom, she's a sweaty one too. 

Isn't that sexy? 


Long day tomorrow, but I should sleep well tonight after my exertions.

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