Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Friday yet?

It's not Friday yet is it?  Just Tuesday? Damn.
Not much to report. Al Gore is in town to recieve his Nobel Prize. The ceremony was last night. Usually I go and watch the torchlight processions and such, but this year was just too tired. I seem to be tired alot lately. Gore has been in the news non stop here, everyone LOVES him. Especially impressive to the Norwegian frame of mind was his insistence on taking the Airport Train (Flytoget) into central Oslo instead of being carted by limo. Granted the Flytoget is faster than driving and it is a really nice and incredibly quiet train, so it was not too much of a sacrifice. Still, it shows his willingness to be part of the world and do his share to integrate, and we folks living in Norway like that. It really is a shame Gore got screwed out of the White House. A real shame.
We've gotten two Christmas cards so far this year: One from Jan Mayen Island and one from Bangkok. I rather like the juxtapostion of locations, so far north and so far south. My friend Kristen is working on Jan Mayen for 6 months at a weather station there. Her stories of life on an Arctic Island are priceless. (Check out the website, the webcam is cool.)
Of course, we've seen our Christmas card reception drop dramatically over the years, for one main reason: We never get around to sending any! I think we did sent them a few times, but it usually comes around to being the week before Christmas, which is too late to send cards internationally, and we are all "Oh shit! We need to send cards! D'oh! It's too late! Crap!"
Yes we suck. Saturday we even tried to go to some Christmas markets but a) they were lame and b) there were pubs very nearby, so we ended up drinking beer with Grant instead. None of us were feeling the Christmas spirit much, and honestly, shouldn't there be things to buy at a Christmas market? Because there wasn't much of anything to buy at the ones we went to. Beer seemed a much better use of our time and money. There is a nice Irish pub in Oslo, who knew?
Hey...is that the sun I see? Wow....I forgot what that felt like.

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