Wednesday, September 08, 2004

I'm baaaa-aacck!

We're back from Egypt.

It was incredible. Simply, mind numbingly, unbelievably in-fucking-credible.

Rich will download his pictures from his camera onto my computer tonight ( I hope) and I will post some tomorrow.

I took about 8-9 rolls myself, will have them developed in the next month (travel plans prevent me from doing it now.)

It was really hot there, I mean REALLY hot, and I was dreading coming back to cold weather here. Luckily, it is gorgeous here in Norway, for which I am thankful. I really enjoyed being in hot weather again.

I also never expected the Nile would be as beautiful as it actually is. I thought the water would be's not, it's green or blue, depending on the sun and the light. Wow.

I will write more when I get some pictures to post, but in the meantime, here is a fairly entertaining article in Aftenposten. I love the way they write about censorship here. This article itself would be censored like nobody's business in the US.....

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