Sunday, June 16, 2013

I've been very busy.

So sorry I haven't been posting. I've been so busy, and so many things have changed, it's actually gotten to be too much and when it gets like that, I kinda just go quiet, because how do you write about so many things happening at once?

I just haven't felt like talking about it all. Sorry.

Since Alaska, I also went to Trinidad for work, which was exciting and also very stressful. And my cousin Edward came to visit last week and we did a Tour de Tejas, well, a little one, taking in Austin, the Hill Country, San Antonio, and Houston. It was his first ever visit to the US, and I think he enjoyed it. I gave him the full Texas treatment, including this:

Yep, that is Vard with the cop that stopped me for speeding. I got off with a warning, and Vard got a picture of a lifetime.....note his shit eating grin. The cop was a cool guy. And I deserved to get stopped, I really did. If you pass a cop going 75 in a 60 (though I honestly didn't know the speed limit was 60) you should probably get stopped, if only for being utterly stupid.

I know I keep saying I'll be better, and I am saying it again....I'll be better about posting. One problem I have been having is that for some reason Flickr isn't connecting with my blog anymore and I can't get pictures posted from my phone, like I used to. That is pissing me off. And making me post less regularly because I can't just shoot them over from my phone....

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