Monday, March 04, 2013

Rest in peace, Hannah

The past week has been heart rending in so many ways. Closing out my life in Norway, saying goodbye to so many good friends, to Oslo, to the apartment, to a way of life,  and finishing my life in Europe. 

But nothing, and I mean, nothing, could possibly be as heart breaking as the news I got on Saturday morning, that my dear cousin, Hannah (my cousin Edward's wife) had an accident while out with friends and was terribly injured.   From what I understand, she fell and hit her head and the damage was too great. She was taken off life support and died two days later, in Edward's arms. 

Hannah and Edward were that couple everyone wants to have around, fun, sparky, funny, adventurous. they loved each other totally, had a gorgeous little house in Winchester, good careers, and were well set for a long life together. Hannah's sudden death is such a tragedy, such a young life taken for no reason at all. 

We are a close family, Edward and his brother Carl are my Mom's youngest sister's boys, and they are the cousins I know best, that I would visit in Germany or in England, and Edward and I have had a fair few drinking nights in London. I've known them since they were little, they are 10 years younger. They are my closest relatives outside my parents and brother. This is such devastation for us all.

Oh, Hannah, you beautiful sparky girl. as the song from Morphine goes, "Do not go quietly unto your grave". A life motto of mine, and one that I think you followed to the fullest. We will all miss you, and we will take care of Edward. We promise. 

Carl, Hannah with a big beer, and Edward at Munich Starkbierfest in 2010. 

Grabbing ass. (That's Rich's ass.) 

Hannah and Edward, this is how they always were. Laughing together. 


  1. jaymo4:40 AM

    That's a sweet tribute. So very sorry for all...

  2. Karla,
    I am so sorry for your loss, this is just the saddest news. Not even the good excuse of someone being old at the end of a life well lived. My condolences to you and your entire family.

    Take care,

    Suzy (chez)


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