Wednesday, March 23, 2011

springish? springesque? springlike?

Today felt, dare I say it, Springish. Sunny! Somewhere around 15C, (50F?) Like, not too cold, almost warmish! So much so that on my walk home I was too hot in my dress, sweater and coat and had to remove the sweater and walk with my coat open. I walked home today from work, first time I have done that in a while, and it was almost ice free on the sidewalks. Yeay!

We aren't out of the woods yet, I have seen it snow well into late May, but there is a definite sense that winter has lost its ferocious hold on us and that we might in future have some warmth.

Ah I can't wait. Can't wait at all.


  1. Jaymo6:02 PM

    Oh, yummy!  The ice is almost gone?  I won't bust it nearly every time I walk outside?  Almost makes coming back to Oslo seem attractive!

  2. karlakp2:02 PM

    you will be very pleased, I think.


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