Sunday, July 11, 2004

London is a foodie town

I just had the BEST meal.

I am in London. Right around the corner from Colleen's flat (where she generously lets me crash while she is in the US) is a gastro-pub called the Admiral Codrington. I decided to go there for dinner tonight as it is close, easy to get to and I was HUNGRY. (I walked all the way from Leicester Square to her flat (in Knightsbridge) this afternoon for a bit of exercise, I guess it's about three/four miles or so. Just past Buckingham Palace and Harrod's, how posh.)

So what I ordered was simple. A piece of seared blue fin tuna served on a sort of tomato puree. There were pieces of fresh cucumber scattered about as well. On the side were chips (french fries)....All the flavors together just mixed in such a perfect way...the tuna was perfect sashimi grade, raw on the inside, the cucumber bits were crisp and fresh, the fries hot and salty... I sopped up every bit of the sauce with the freshly baked bread. It was not a big meal (it was one of those places where they have good food, small portions) but it was AWESOME. It was so good I decided to treat myself to dessert....small dinner, not too fattening, why not?

The dessert made me moan, it was so good. The people sitting next to me gave me funny looks (and one guy sitting nearby suddenly looked rather interested) as I quickly tried to quell my vocal enjoyment of the dish. It was described on the menu as "chocolate donuts with vanilla cappucino". Well, my favorite two words in one phrase are chocolate and vanilla, so I figured even if they were crap, they would be ok. OH MAN. This's in my top three of all time. (The other two have been in London also, go figure.) Anyhow, the "donuts" looked like fried samosas or beignets, little triangle sized pieces of fried dough, sprinkled with powdered sugar, served with a tiny little frothy cappucino on the side. The waitress told me to be careful when I bit into them...they could be hot. So I carefully cut into the first little pillow of yum....and out gushed this rich goo of chocolate, all hot and melty. Not too sweet, just right. The chocolate pastries with the bitter vanilla coffee, it was just too amazing.....It was so good, I literally used my finger to get all the chocolate off the plate, I didn't care if it looked tacky, I was in heaven. The waitress, as I finished, asked me, smilingly, if I liked it, and I just smiled back at her and sighed. I noticed, as I left, other people ordering that dessert as well...I guess I started a trend.

I am a happy girl right yum yummmy.....

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