Saturday, March 19, 2011


Big day in Oslo, well, for a certain crowd.

Today the Irish in Oslo celebrate St Patrick's day with a parade, and then later in the day (by coincidence) is the England-vs-Ireland rugby game. The pubs will be PACKED with howling screaming English and Irishmen rooting for their teams.

Me? I love rugby. SOOOO much better than American football (yes I know coming from a Texan that is treason, so come get me, whatever). No padding, no stupid helmets and no crashing into each other head first like rutting moose. Nope, just manly men, sweaty, STRONG manly men, sweaty, strong manly men in SHORTS, sweaty strong manly men in shorts with all those muscles heaving and those THIGHS with the .... um...where was I?

I lost the plot at the thighs. Sigh, I love their thighs.

Ok, anyhow, I find rugby much more exciting than American football. I understand it better, I get the plot, and it's over fast and it's usually a thrill a minute. There is also some sportsmanship and some gentlemanly stuff going on there, the crowds are usually pretty nice and everyone is in for a good time and a few Guinesses.

As for who I root for? If England and Ireland are playing, I root for Ireland. Otherwise I cheer for Ireland or England against anyone else. Especially against the French......We always root against the French.



  1. geologyrider10:54 PM

    Damn, gonna have to agree with you on the thighs!  Whew, where was I...?  Uh, umm...  Oh yeah.  Was gonna say that I played women's rugby in college - met my husband then in fact - he was on the mens team.  Great game!  Wish they'd lose the football here in the US and just go for the rugby instead.

  2. Yep, ditto on the thights! Love the thights, and all the other manly parts.  My only problem is that all the channels that carry Rugby here, are not ones I get! So my rugby watching is pretty hit and miss.


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