Sunday, March 06, 2011

Random photos from Jordan

This is along the 2 km walk to the start of the city of Petra. You walk through a long 'siq' or gorge, to get there. No cars allowed, only carriages and horses.

First view of the Treasury from the siq. (Well, first tourist free view, anyhow.) The colors of the stone are amazing.

The siq is lined with remnants of the water delivery system to ancient Petra. They had a pretty advanced system!

Camel's eye view of the Royal Tombs, in the city of Petra.

Camels and the Treasury. I guess it is necessary to say all photos here and on this blog are copyrighted to me and taken by me.

Richard and I outside the Treasury. We spent two days in Petra, spent the night in the town of Wadi Musa, just outside. Petra needs minimum two days, don't even try to do one of those one day tours.

We also went to Wadi Rum, where Lawrence of Arabia spent a lot of time. The colors there are incredible, look how the sand changes colors along a defined line!

Relaxing on the beach on our last day. Our flight wasn't until 4 so I had plenty of time to sunburn myself before heading back to Oslo!

Me on a red sand dune at Wadi Rum. That sand is so cool.

Before I post, just wanna say, Jordan treated us right. We felt very safe, absolutely no problems, and everyone was very nice. We really got the feeling that they wanted us there and were happy to see us. So, if you want to go, JUST DO IT.


  1. All I need is the MONEY to do it... one day!

  2. Jaymo3:23 AM

    Holy shmoly, that looks awesome!  Your photos are gorgeous, good job!  Only problem is now I wanna go too.

  3. Jaymo3:23 AM

    Holy shmoly, that looks awesome!  Your photos are gorgeous, good job!  Only problem is now I wanna go too.

  4. karlakp12:15 PM

    Dave, it's not so much money as time. It's a fairly cheap flight from time you are over here just book onwards.

  5. Karen ( Blogless Scottish Beastie!)1:25 PM

    Probably the best pictures I have ever I imagine being there was incredible!

  6. geologyrider11:12 AM

    Beautiful pics - I think Petra is really going to move up on my bucket list now!  Thanks for sharing.

  7. Stella7:40 PM

    I was also once a Texpatriate - I lived in the UK for four blissful years - and I have been following your blog for a bit and enjoying it.  The recent serendipitous combination of this post, plus this plus this have caused me to move Jordan to the top of my "to visit" list.  Great stuff!


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