Monday, June 20, 2005

Pink Whiteys

Saturday was Norway's first real day of summer. By that I mean, fully sunny, warmer than 70 degrees, can sit out side in a tank top and not need a sweater when the sun goes behind the clouds.

In other words, a perfect glorious day.

Of course, everyone went absolutely NUTS and was out in the sun all day. Me included. So imagine my glee and giggles when I went grocery shopping today and noticed that pretty much everyone was sporting a sunburn. It's a land of roasted white folks. (Though not as bad as this guy.) It's a Norwegian right of passage, that first summer sunburn. Happens every year. Not usually this late, however.
Some of us are crispier than others, and I also notice that no one is evenly red, it all sort of depends on what angle you were lounging in regards to the sun. One guy's elbows were red, another girl had one red breast, but the other was white (from what I could see, I mean, she had a shirt on, just I could see her cleavage and it was oddly Mondrian'-esque. And no I wasn't staring at her titties, so stop it right there.)

See this far north, the sun can be intense in summer, and it is also a pretty sharp angle. So my sunburn is (interestingly) on the insides of my legs, the outer portion of my left butt cheek, my left bicep and on the bit that was exposed between my belly button and my bikini bottom.

I'm like a badly grilled pig, crackly in bits and white and flabby in others. The backs of my legs are still glaring white. I have one tanned arm, one white arm. I am, well, crooked.

I was dumb enough to take a hot bath last night, and let me tell you, THAT HURT. Rich came running downstairs because I kept hollering. I finally propped my legs out of the tub, as they were the bits that hurt the most, and that seemed to work ok. Though that made it damn hard to get out of the tub again.

Anyhow, today is again kind of cloudy, but not cold, thank effing God, so hopefully we will get our 10 days of summer this year. Tomorrow is the longest day of the year, with sunrise at 3:30 am and sunset at 10:45 pm, though it never gets really dark, it's pretty twilighty all night.

I've been getting up early and staying up late. Lots of energy, too. Hopefully enough to kick cable company ass.

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