Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What I've been up to lately

I've been doing this.

I SUCK at diets, but I decided spur of the moment, upon re-entry into Norway from the US, that this little belly I am sporting in my doddering old age is just NOT acceptable and it must go.

Now, I'm realistic about myself. I'm tall, curvy and I have never been skinny. I've always been rather shapely, I guess, and while I have always had an ass and jiggly thighs, my belly always stayed firm and fairly flat. This new me, this me with a little belly, is uncomfortable as I don't know how to dress this me and I don't know how to handle this me.

So this new me is going to go back to being the old me. The old me with the tiny waist and the flat belly. I think I can do it with just 10-20 lbs. I'd be more than happy with 10, but 20 would be absolutely fantastic (but could entail me cutting parts of me off.)

The bummer of it all is that I have never needed much food. Maybe I have a slow metabolism? Maybe, though I have the body of a large bird of prey, or possibly more like a dodo, I actually only have the metabolism of a sparrow? So, anyhow, diets don't work too well for me because a 1500 calorie per day diet is not low enough for me to actually lose weight, as that is probably all I need to actually maintain weight or even (gasp) gain. The doc here on my recent check up thought my thyroid might be a bit low, so I am also taking some kelp to give my thyroid a boost naturally. He's gonna retest in a few weeks to see if it is too low or if that test was a fluke.

Since diets aren't usually successful for me, I need to exercise too. (Shit.) Because, I know from past experience, exercise DOES work. I'm riding my bike, walking, bouncing on my rebounder, and when I get the first hint of results, I bet I will start weight lifting too. (Weightlifting is really the only thing that actually works for me, I build muscle well and quickly.) The bike riding certainly is giving me a workout, I'm looking forward to when the ride home from work is not quite as painful as it is now. What, me, out of shape? Nahhh.....(yes. Hell yes).

So this website I'm using, LoseIt, has ways for you to track your food and your exercise. It's cool because it syncs with my iTouch so I can do it on the fly and never feel like I am falling behind. It's also kind of fun to track your progress and see where you might cut back (goodbye buttered olive bread at work.) I've been very diligent with it and I hope that I get some results soon. It better, because I've also given up drinking rosé in the evenings and THAT my friends, is the ultimate sacrifice and shows just how serious I am about this. You don't get between a girl and her vino without some really good reason!


  1. Jaymo3:03 AM

    Holy Grail is to find some kind of exercise that you dig in and of itself.  I'll bet the combo plan you're throwing at it will do the trick in short order, and then you'll be righteous proud And get the vino back.  Ah, sweet mystery of life...

  2. karlakp2:22 AM

    Hey thanks for that Zunzun, nice to hear from someone who is using it. for me it's mostly showing me that I can either have my glass of wine or I can eat something, but possibly not both. OR I can eat alot and exercise or eat not very much and not exercise. . So I have to balance and use cause and effect, and make choices. I usuallly just say yes, but now i am making myself say no also, so that is good. And yes, why waste calories on crap!

  3. karlakp2:25 AM

    The bike riding = rosé. No bike riding = no rosé. So I ride the bike. Today I will walk and not have rosé as I was kind of a bad girl this week (out 4 nights out of five) and need to make up for the extra food I've had earlier.

  4. I am doing LoseIt too! Have already lost 14 lbs since Jan. I definitely have to exercise though. My main issue was portion sizes and grazing throughout the day. I was like wait, a 100 g chocolate bar is over 500 calories?? A whole pizza is over 1000?? Boy was I clueless (and lucky my metabolism held out as long as it did...). Also I was bitter when I realised that as I entered my new lower weight each time it lowers your daily allowed calorie allowance lol. Embarrasing to admit but the main reason I exercise now is so that I can eat more crap. My brother uses the term 'eating my results' - so true..

  5. karlakp3:25 AM

    yeah the exercise is important. yesterday I bought a little scale, so I guess I'm in it for the long haul. I actually measured my wine yesterday, sad state of affairs!


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