Saturday, April 30, 2011

TSA is silly

So, Rich had a couple of old Indian arrowheads in his backpack, that he found on my parents property in Missouri. Nothing big, just some little ancient stone arrowheads.

We had a smooth drive from Missouri to Texas, spent the night outside Houston, and this morning, after a necessary last refuel at Chuy's to stock up on proper Mexican food for the next 6 months, we headed to IAH airport to catch our flight home.

TSA confiscated Rich's arrowheads. Said they were too pointy.

Not, mind you, that they were potentially valuable historical artifacts. Not, of course, that they were of archeological significance.

Nope. Pointy. Too.

Because, you know, if *I* were going to take over a plane and kill people, I would DEFINITELY do it with an arrowhead found in a mud-ridden, tick-filled field in rural Missouri. Nothing like some home grown, hand carved terrorism to really get the old juices flowing and make me feel alive.

Imagine the fear in their eyes as I brandish all 1 1/2 inches of pure carved ancient Indian stone at helpless people all around me. Whooping and hollering in my Cherokee accent, I take over the plane wearing my best feathers and war paint. YES! I OWN this plane!! Me and my arrowhead! My evil, pointy, scary found on the ground arrowhead!

Which is why I have given Rich his Indian name.

Flies With Pointy Rocks.


  1. Dave23:54 PM

    Silly or stupid? Because they're now confiscating tweezers and nail clippers again too. I swear, if somebody manages to take over an airplane with a pair of frickin' nail clippers... let them have it. A pointy ROCK? You've EARNED that frickin' airplane! Take it, it's yours!

  2. zunzun7:17 PM

    Yet you can take knitting needles (not to say that some won't hassle you but I think the short answer is "yes") and although it's suggested you take the circular ones they are still about 3-4 inches of a pointy-pencil like object w/ which you can stab someone on the neck much better than w/ a pointy arrowhead.  I agree w/ the person who commented...if they can take a plane w/ an object like that they've "earned" it 'cause really....I can't imagine a group of terrorists armed with pointy (or otherwise) arrowheads, knitting needles, and tweezers creating much havoc on a plane.

    Really do love the name so clever!LOL

  3. karlakp1:39 AM

    What's extra silly is that htey let him carry on another one he had, that was actually more dangerous because though the end was not pointy. the sides were very sharp and you could easily slice someone's neck open.
    In other news, when they searched one of our suitcases, they gave us a little gift: a pair of men's black Armani boxer briefs which are NOT OURS. Yes, TSA is now giving out free underwear when searching luggage!

  4. Bill Night6:49 PM

    Maybe the TSA agents were thinking of these Native American Homeland Security T-shirts.

  5. karlakp11:14 AM

    Ha! That's brilliant!!!!!

  6. Tuesday, January 17, 2012
    8 PM
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