Wednesday, September 12, 2007

still sick..and now pissed off!

Somebody somewhere is having a karmic larf at me.

I managed to crawl out of bed enough to get dressed and go get a coffee. All I wanted in this world was that damned coffee, I thought of it all morning. I could envision tasting the chocolate, balanced with the bitter edginess of the espresso and the dash of vanilla. If I could all would be ok and I might get well again.

I lurched over to the coffee shop, my guy who makes the coffee was there and started it without me having to say anything. He gave me a sympathetic, if slightly revolted, look as I coughed a dry hacking cough. He handed me the coffee, me handing him the $6 worth of coins as payment, assiduously avoiding his hands so I didn't germ him.

I shuffled home, placed the coffee on the night stand and plopped back into bed. I arranged the pillows JUST SO, in the perfect position for dvd watching in a supine position.

One of the pillows flopped sideways. Removed itself from its fellow pillows and made a bolt of freedom from the bed. Somehow, it knocked the full, not even sipped, coffee off the nightstand, without touching the very large cup of water that was standing directly in front of the coffee. I am not sure how that happened, it was a leap of some sort of impossible quantum physics, but the coffee (and not the water!) spilled all over the floor. The water stood there laughing down at the spilled coffee, like "Dude, how'd you get down there? Did you see me disappear just then? That was COOL."

FUUUCCCK.. It made a mess so big I just wanted to cry. Coffee everywhere. Somehow, blessedly, not on anything that was not washable with a sponge, but that coffee that looked so small and contained in its paper cup took on an immense proportion as it spread thickly and sweetly over the floor. Chocolate and vanilla mixed with coffee and milk gets damned sticky on a wood floor, yo. (I also know my husband is reading this and cringing. He HATES messes. he is going to come home and be all searching around for any stains. Dude, chill out. I CLEANED it already.)

All I wanted was to DRINK the coffee, not MOP it. Bending over hurts, dammit, my head is a tight drum of snot and sneeze.

I managed to get it mopped up and scrubbed up, letting loose a flow of invective the whole time. The towels are in the wash now. The room smells of chocolate.

As I did not even get a sip of the damned thing, I got back up and went back to get another one. My coffee guy saw my hang dog look and I made a motion that said "I dropped it and I am very upset" and he made me another one, no charge. (Probably because he didn't want to risk touching me again as I handed him coins.) I love my coffee guy.

This time I got to drink the coffee, and did not make the mistake of putting it on the nightstand with any evil pillows ready to launch themselves at it. It was good. But I bet it wasn't as good as the FIRST one. That one was probably the BEST coffee ever made...and no one but my floor will ever know.

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