Thursday, September 13, 2007

packed and ready...I hope

I'm a little worried because I took a very casual and laissez faire attitude towards my packing to go see my parents. I mean, granted they DO live out in the country, so I don't need to pack cute outfits (well, except something presentable in which my Mom can "show me off" to her friends), but I was REALLY laid back this time. Some jeans, a few shirts, a skirt or two. Two pairs of shoes. (I know! Just two!) No fuss. No muss. The suitcase is practically rattling with empty space. I'm not bringing a jacket because I bought one that is awaiting me there. I also have some stuff from Target coming, and can get all my toiletries at the Walmart in town. (Note: I only ever shop at Walmart when I visit my folks because, well, it's the only place to shop.)

Mom and I are going to go to Springfield for a Big Shopping Trip and I might steal a car to do so on my own again later in the week. I need some good ol' American Mall time.

This is wierd, to be so unconcerned about packing. I've noticed over the past few years, though, that there is no sense obsessing because I always pretty much pack the same things, so why not just bring those and stop worrying? If I didn't bring it I can buy it there.

Or I can just borrow it from Mom......

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